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MegumiNovel v1.5 Blogger Template

Posted by zerochan on 10:25 am

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MegumiNovel v1.5 Blogger Template, Yuukithemes, Usagilabs, Theme Anime
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hi everyone, this new year is very memorable for me because I have successfully continued the generation of blog usagilabs which is now to be Yuukithemes. yey~ ^_^

now we start all over again, because blog usagilabs can not be saved due to Iumen DMCA exposed in one of template demo, so usagilabs blogger account deleted along with the contents of his blog.

we are currently trying to re-create articles from usagilabs and new articles, then do not get bored visiting our blog.

MegumiNovel is a blogger template which very suitable for blog novels have many features on the main page you can see search box with popup use jquery, unique style post (recent chapter), recent list series novel, widget donation with progress bar, widget subscribe newsletter, then on the post chapter you can see select chapter, button shares and twice comments (facebook comments and blogger comments), and other 🙂

How to use Theme

I suggest you first to read the basic guide blogger here, this basic guide is very helpful for you in improving the performance of your blog.

How to make a post “Chapter List”

1. Choose your blog
2. Click Menu Post
3. Click Button New Post
4. Copy the code “Post – Chapter List Novel Manual.txt” or “Post – Chapter List Novel with Auto List Chapter.txt” (if you want use auto show list chapter) which is in the theme folder and paste into the post editor, you just edit according to taste, do not forget to fill 2 labels. the first label with the title of the novel, and second is a special label for a particular “list of chapter novels”. as shown below

Note :
* Anime = a special label for all posts about “List of Chapter Novels”
* Neo Teacher Crusade = is the name of the title of the novel
6. Click Publish

How to make a Page Like Project, Staff, and Schedule

Repeat the above method three times because in the theme folder there are three special pages that I created, such as Staff page, Schedule page, and Project page
1. Choose your blog
2. Click Menu Pages
3. Click Button New Page
4. Copy the code with the title prefix “Page – blablabla” which is in the theme folder. do not forget to fill in the appropriate title of the file name
5. Click Publish

How to edit Info Blog Widget

1. Choose your blog
2. Click Menu Layout
3. Click Edit on the title “Info Blog”
4. Edit the code as you like, when you’re done editing
5. Then Click Save

How to edit Donation Widget

1. Choose your blog
2. Click Menu Layout
3. Click Edit on the title “Donation Progress Bar”
4. Edit the code as you like, when you’re done editing
5. Then Click Save
widget blogger, tutorial blogger, yuukithemes, usagiproject

How to edit Recent Novel List Widget

1. Choose your blog
2. Click Menu Layout
3. Click Edit on the title “Recent Novel List” which is located under the widget “blog post” (scroll down)
4. Enter your post label name into the widget’s content box (min 6 post with the same label)
5. Then Click Save
widget blogger, tutorial blogger, yuukithemes, usagiproject

Additional Tutorials for v.1.3 [2/9/18]

Settings Pagination (Next/Prev Links) in Post

Sorry for the previous version there was an error in the pagination. because I’m too hasty to update the version of the theme so I don’t pay attention.

This pagination setting is made / explained for those of you who use this theme but the blog is Manga or other type, so please follow the tutorial below.
1. Choose your blog
2. Click Menu Theme
3. Click Button Edit HTML
4. Search for the data='{name : "Novel"}' code (use CTRL + F in editor)
5. Then replace “Novel” with your label with the name of your blog type label. (eg. “Manga” for blog type manga)
6. Save Themes

Example of label name format in post
yuukithemes, usagilabs

Name Explanation
Blue Color This label must always be used when you make “Novel” info / chapter list “Novel”
Red Color This label is taken from the title of the “Novel”.
Green Color Example for chapter post.
OrangeColor Example for info/chapter list post
“Novel” = This note also applies to other types of blogs, for example for manga blogs, not just novel blogs
Additional Tutorials for v.1.4 [21/10/18]

Settings Username Disqus Comments

1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard
2. Choose your blog
3. Click Menu Theme
4. Click Button Edit HTML
5. Search this code yuukithemes-1
6. Replace yuukithemes-1 with your shortname disqus, click here to find out the shortname of your website on disqus..
7. Save Themes

How to Find Shortname Disqus

1. Login Your Account Disqus
2. Select Menu Admin
3. Select the site you want to use
add disqus comments
4. After choosing, See your browser url
add comment box to website
now you know your website shortname in disqus.

Change Log

- Fix Bug Label
- Replace View with Comments
- Deleted css white-space:pre-line in post
- Other

v1.2 (30/8/2018)
- Add Pagination with Index
- Add Auto List for post "Chapter List Novel"
- Remove Menu Dropdown Select Chapter

v1.3 (2/9/18)
- Optimize Homepage
- Defer Recent Post Homepage
- Fix Pagination JS in post
- Fix The Sidebar widget is under the post
- Fix Google Font (Replace Roboto to Open Sans)
- Replace Manual Year in Footer with Auto Year

v1.4 (21/10/18)
- Update Facebook JS
- Remove Rawgit
- Fix Auto List Chapter
- Fix Pager Next Prev
- Fix Pagination Numbered
- Back To Top
- Optimize JS
- Responsive Facebook Comments
- Added Widget Navigation
- Added Disqus Comments
- Added Night Mode
- Update Meta Tag

v1.5 (23/10/18)
- Fix Num Feed Auto List Chapter
- Fix Breadcrumbs in Label Search
- Fix Padding Search Box
- Fix Background Text in Post Body (Beta / Tester)
- Added Scroll In Auto List Chapter
- Added Button "Reset" in Homepage


- https://konachan.net
- https://getbootstrap.com
- https://lipsum.com
- https://fontawesome.io
- https://animekompi.web.id
- https://myanimelist.net
- https://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=animetitle
- https://enneadgames.com/generators/generator-11/
- https://google.com
- https://fonts.google.com
- https://kompiajaib.com
- https://www.danlogs.com/2013/09/blogger-json-feed-api
- https://www.dte.web.id/2017/09/menggunakan-data.html


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