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AnimeMagz v1.1.2 Blogger Themes

Posted by zerochan on 3:10 pm

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AnimeMagz v1.1.2 Blogger Themes, Yuukithemes, Usagilabs, Theme Anime
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yeah .. this time I will share my old theme from usagilabs. namely animemagz anime blogger template. This template is specifically designed for magz / news themes about anime and otaku. and the good news is that I’ve also re-edited the code and design … so that it looks very different from the old template. in redesigning this template I also get a little enlightenment about my shortcomings in creating themes.

This blogger template animemagz is made with features that are very modern following the development of the increasingly sophisticated blogger code, of course to keep abreast of the latest blogger code. I read on the dte.web.id blog which is very updated about the blogger code and some blogs that have good references like triksonic, template-data and also so-how-do-i.

Here are some features in the Blogger Theme animemagz, namely navigation use widget, popular post with date and label, recent post with multiple category, subscribe email widget with social media widget, Support RTL Mode, and this template also very responsive.

How to use Theme Animemagz Blogger Template

I suggest you first to read the basic guide blogger here, this basic guide is very helpful for you in improving the performance of your blog.

Meta Tag Head

<meta content='xxxxx' name='Author'/>
Replace xxxxx with your name or blog name.

Change Color Theme

I prepared the two options, first you can edit this color in button “customize” or directly edit it in the html editor. if you want to look for it in the html editor. find this code

<!-- Variable definitions -->
you will find like this
<!-- Variable definitions -->
<Group description="Body">
<Variable name="body.background.color" description="Body background color" type="color" default="#d72323" value="#d72323"/>
<Variable name="body.background.hover" description="Body background hover" type="color" default="#c31f1f" value="#c31f1f"/>
<Variable name="body.background.second" description="Second Theme Color" type="color" default="#222" value="#222222"/>

You only need to change the hex color code in the value=”XXXXX column

Setting Ads in Header or Sidebar

For ads you can edit them directly through the layout, no need to worry about image ads. that image ads will disappear if you fill in the widget with your ad code. (the image of the ad is just an example).
1. Dashboard Blogger > Select Blog
2. Go to Layout
3. Edit Leader Ad 728×90 (in header), or Ads 336×280 (in sidebar)
4. Paste your code ads then click Save

Setting Navigation or Top Navigation

In the previous template it might still use html mode, which is that you need to log in again to editor html then look for the menu code, so this time I use the widget method created by dte.web.id. How to use it is quite easy as I quoted from the dte web.

For the initial menu as below

name: "Beranda",
path: "/"
To add a menu as below
name: "Beranda",
path: "/"
}, {
name: "Profil",
path: "p/tentang-saya.html"

Note this path means the url that is in your blog (internal) if you want to add a special link (external) please replace path to be url

Setting Widget Other Pick

For this widget I make it a bit unique and a very long process because it requires some inspiration. the uniqueness of this widget is that you can bring up more than one label, custom heigh or width for image, and add the following code in the widget settings. i get this method from Dte (HTML Widget Content to Save Configuration Data) too

label: "Neo Teacher Crusade",
numposts: 8,
width: 267,
heigh: 180

Name Explanation
label Replace “Neo%20Teacher%20Crusade” with your name label post.
numposts number of posts, fill as you see fit.
width size of image width.
heigh size of image heigh.

Setting Widget Social Media

For social media I only provide 4 icons, namely Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram
the following code

icon: "fa-facebook",
url: "#"
}, {
icon: "fa-twitter",
url: "#"
}, {
icon: "fa-youtube",
url: "#"
}, {
icon: "fa-instagram",
url: "#"

Note That you need to replace the # in the url into your social media link. or remove specific social media.
Additional Tutorials for v.1.1.1 [10/10/18]

This bug is only recently posted on the label.
1. Dashboard Blogger > Select Blog
2. Go to Theme > Edit HTML
3. Find This Code &quot;Neo%20Teacher%20Crusade|Anime&quot;, (Use CTRL + F in Editor)
4. Replace Code with this &quot;Neo%20Teacher%20Crusade&quot;,
5. Find This Code default?<data:config.label/>&amp;
6. Replace Code with this default/-/<data:config.label/>?
7. Click Save Theme
Dont Forget to Replace “Neo%20Teacher%20Crusade” with your name label post.


- Release Template

v1.1 [18/09/18]
- Delete CSS font-smoothing
- Add Conditional 404 found
- Re-Code Layout
- Add JS Year Copyright
- Navigation
- Add Social Media in Sidebar
- Add Anti Adblock
- Add Effect Hover Shadow in Thumbnail
- Mobile Responsive
- Support RTL
- Replace Js RelatedPost to Popular Post
- Lazyload Image

v1.1.1 [10/10/18]
- Fix Multiple Label (Not Work) to Single Label

v1.1.2 [10/18/18]
- Replace Rawgit to Staticaly


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- https://www.dte.web.id/2018/05/kelas-html-otomatis.html
- https://www.bloggerspice.com/2017/03/blogger-layout-widget-update.html
- https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43398213/i-want-to-add-json-ld-articles-to-the-blogger-template
- https://github.com/puikinsh/Pixel-Blogger-Template/blob/master/Pixel-Blogger-Template.xml
- https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/blogger/OSffs-hC1ow/yGMW-W_7AwAJ
– https://translate.google.com
– https://google.com
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