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Posted by zerochan on 12:58 am

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this page was created for friends who want to ask, request, report bugs, give suggestions.

I hope before commenting please give hastag that I explain below ..

for those of you who do not provide a hashtag at the time of commenting, I will delete the comment.


Name Explanation
#YK_Request this hashtag used when you want to request tutorial or themes. do not forget to mention the platform.
#YK_Suggestion this hashtag used when you want to provide feedback or suggestions to our blog, for better.
#YK_Themes this hashtag used to report any damage or bugs in the theme that we created.
#YK_Tutorial this hashtag used when you still do not understand on one of the tutorials that are on our blog.
#YK_ASK this hashtag used for buddy who wants to ask about blog or other about code.
#YK_OOT this hashtag used to ask around error themes made by others.

Example Comments

Anonymous18 Jan 2018

when i use fanstrap, the widget is below the post. this bug?
please solved this bug


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