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How to Make Anime List Pages Responsive in WordPress

Posted by zerochan on August 22, 2018

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After I shared the plugin for uploading custom page templates in wordpress, this time I will share the custom page template anime list with an anime filter feature and a navigation feature that allows visitors to search for certain anime on the anime list on your wordpress blog.

This anime list custom page template is very familiar to those who have used remicy themes or cuklabs-made themes. and I took the anime list from the original remicy theme, then I modified it a little by adding a filter feature.

This pages anime list is very supportive for all themes made by me, and for themes made by other people may have to adjust the layout / html structure again because each dev theme has a different html structure.

so I will help you if you use a theme made by someone else and when installing this page the results are messy… please commenting below include your blog link or image if you need help.

An Easy way to create an Anime List Page Responsive in WordPress

Note :
Before following the tutorial below, you should read how to install a custom page template on wordpress using a plugin. thank you


How to Use

1. Upload Template Pages in your theme wordpress
2. Then Go to Pages in WordPress Dashboard
3. Click Add New if you want make new pages or Edit the existing page.
4. See in Page Attributes, Click Menu Template Select Template Pages what do you want
5. Click Publish / Updated


v1.0 [22-08-18]
- release custom page template



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