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Custom Page Template WordPress Plugins

Posted by zerochan on August 20, 2018

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Yuukithemees – How to upload custom page template in wordpress, this time I will share a plugin that is very useful for those of you who are lazy to upload pages templates via cpanel… I modified this plugin so that it looks very different from the original plugin on the wordpress plugin page.

The purpose of releasing this plugin is because in the future I will share page templates such as anime lists, genre lists, project lists and more which are very useful for your blog themes like fansubs, fanshare, manga, ost / amv anime, anime streams.

Btw the uploaded files will appear in the Pages folder on the theme that is active in your blog. so if you change the theme of your blog, you need to re-upload the template page that is on the previous theme.


Custom Page Template WordPress Plugins

How To Install Plugin

for detail like screenshot visit here
1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
2. Then click the Menu Plugins and select Add New
3. click on the Upload Plugins button next to the title
4. click Choose File select the plugin custom-page-templates-setup.zip
5. then Click Install Now
6. Wait for the upload.
7. if success, then click Activate Plugin.

How To Use

Upload Plugin
1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
2. Then click the Appreance and select Page Templates
3. Click Choose File, select the file you want to upload Then click Upload Files.
Use Template in Pages
1. Click Pages in WordPress Dashboard
2. Click Add New if you want make new pages or Edit the existing page.
3. See in Page Attributes, Click Menu Template Select Template Pages what do you want
4. Click Publish / Updated


1.2 (21/08/18)
- release plugin
- change directory folder pages template
- redesign pages template options


custom page template wordpress

I made this article not alone, I also glanced at some references to add my insight in making this article.
– https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-page-templates-setup/
– https://yuukithemes.com
– http://konachan.net/
– https://www.gimp.org/
– http://www.photoscape.org/

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