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Free Sub Domain Fansubs.Me

Posted by usagilabs on January 21, 2018

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free sub domain

YuukiThemes – I previously posted the article How to Generate Button Download in Sidebar, this time I share the free sub domain fansubs.me.

This Fansubs.me domain is free for life. quite suitable for those of you who have blogs that still use a free sub domain like blogspot.com or so forth.

such as my sub domain http://yuukithemes.fansubs.me/ that I use for js storage, other css.

and please note that this sub domain is not mine #lol. the owner of this sub domain is iqbal rifai. before making this post I’ve asked permission to the owner of that sub domain to share in my article.

Open Recruitment Staff
KLN Fansubs (Subtitle English) is in need of staff for those of you who are interested to join with us please see detail here https://kln-raws.fansubs.me/2018/01/11/open-recruitment-staff/

How to step to get my free sub domain fansubs.me ??

this is very easy buddy, you just need to comment in accordance with the format of comments like the example below. and I will not process your free sub domain if you do not follow the procedure as below.

Example Comments

free domainAnonymous18 Jan 2018

Hostname : the domain name of your current blog (e.g. yuukithemes.blogspot.com )
Sub Domain : the sub domain name you want (e.g. yuukithemes.fansubs.me )

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for those who already commented please wait for your free sub domain
do not forget to share this article with your friends on social media !. hurry up for comment below and select the sub domain name you want .. before it’s too late

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