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after i share theme remicy v2 anime wordpress themes, this time i will share plugin kaskus emoticons for wordpress comment box. This plugin is nartzco made which I re-edit the emoticon into emotion onion.

emoticons onion I often encounter in some comment box of fanshare indonesia web like animekompi or kurogaze, apart from unique emoticons form, these onion emoticons have a lot of expression that can be chosen and also very funny.
I also added some emoticons in the form of a gif or a meme. These emoticons can also be used on posts.

the function of emoticons is to point out the expression of people when commenting. can be sad, happy, laugh, evil, and so forth.

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for buddy who want to see an example emoticons, you can see post in here (from demo remicy v2). I also attached some screenshots below.


Download Plugin

How To Install Plugin

for detail like screenshot visit here
1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
2. Then click the Menu Plugins and select Add New
3. click on the Upload Plugins button next to the title
4. click Choose File select the plugin kaskus-emoticons.3.1.4.zip
5. then Click Install Now
6. Wait for the upload.
7. if success, then click Activate Plugin.


3.1.4 (03/05/18)
- remove kaskus emoticon
- add meme anime emoticon
- add onion emoticon
- change screenshot
- change icon logo in post



I say thank you for some of my references, which makes it easier for me to edit the plugin kaskus emoticons 😀

I made this article not alone, I also glanced at some references to add my insight in making this article.
– http://yuukithemes.com
– https://github.com/nanzhong/onion-emoji
– https://web.facebook.com/alfredohuarezt
– http://konachan.net/
– https://giphy.com
– https://tenor.com
– https://ezgif.com/optimize
– https://compressor.io/compress
– https://www.gimp.org/
– http://www.photoscape.org/
– https://wordpress.org/plugins/kaskus-emoticons/

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